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COVID-19 and Maintaining Business Operations

Our customers and their staff rely on our business, as do the countless others feeding their families during these uncertain times. DEES supplies thousands of retail locations across the country, from the corner shop down the street, to the local restaurant and the national supermarket.

We consider it our duty and obligation to protect our customers and help stop the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining a fully operational supply chain. With that in mind, we have developed protocols to effectively deal with changing government relations and direction.

We continue to manage our inventory to best serve our customers, including increasing inventory of high-demand items; we are applying new contingencies to bring uninterrupted service to customers; and we are in constant communication with our partners. Our commitment to provide best-in-class service to our customers has been constant, and our expertise for this level of service is unwavering.


Supporting Our Staff

Our hard-working staff are family. They are the linchpin of our nationwide reach and the bedrock that our nation will build on as it recovers from this pandemic. It does not matter whether they are washing trucks, repairing our fleet, developing logistics tools or managing distribution centers. Every teammate is necessary, respected and supported.

We recognize that there are challenges in balancing our operational services and keeping our team safe and healthy. To that end, DEES continues to take actions to protect and support our teammates. We have implemented social distancing measures, restricted access to our facilities, eliminated or postponed large work-related gatherings, restricted work-related travel, enhanced our sanitation protocols and adjusted our pay and benefits policies to better support teammates who contract COVID-19. As public health agencies provide new guidance on responding to COVID-19, we will continue to update and adjust our processes. These are important steps we must take to support both the wellbeing of the DEES family and the mission we are all committed to serving.


The Road Ahead

Our values must continue to guide us during this challenging time. I ask that all our teammates look out for one another. DEES is dedicated to supporting and uplifting every member of our family. I could not be prouder of our staff, and I thank them for working tirelessly to keep us strong.

While the future may be uncertain, we are all in this together, and DEES will do everything it can to help all weather the storm and get back on its feet.

 Best Regards,

 Alexander (Junior) Douglas, Managing Director


Our Focus on the DEES Company Team

DEES first priority is always the safety of our staff, customers, partners and the communities in which we live and work. We are closely monitoring the recommendations of government and public health agencies to reduce the effect of COVID-19 on all our stakeholders.

DEES COVID-19 response efforts are led by a cross-functional team of DEES leaders who are working to assure both teammate and community safety and business continuity.

 COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions:

 How is DEES protecting its staff while they are at work?

 We have implemented procedures to actively identify, prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • Implemented social distancing measures, such as spacing workers, staggering schedules and decreasing social contacts;
    • Restricted access to our facilities to staff and authorised visitors;
    • Eliminated large work-related gatherings;
    • Restricted work-related travel; and
    • Canceled DEES-sponsored events.
  • We have enhanced our sanitation protocols at all DEES facilities.
  • We are engaging in consistent and transparent communication with our teammates.


What is DEES doing to minimize the effect of COVID-19 on its customers?

 We have developed protocols to effectively deal with changing government regulations and direction.

  • We are managing inventory to best service our customers, including increasing inventory on cough, cold, HBC and other high-demand items.
  • We have put contingencies in place to service customers from alternate distribution centers, if needed.
  • We are communicating with our customers often about their plans and how we can assist them.


Is DEES experiencing any major disruptions to its business?

 We are not currently experiencing any major disruptions in our operations.


Additional Resources

 The government has made a variety of resources available at https://www.gov.uk/corona.

 The UK Department of Transport has also published its own information, including temporary regulatory changes and guidance documents, at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-transport.