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August 08, 2020

A Message from Our Managing Director on COVID-19

 Dear DEES Community,

As the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease) pandemic continues to affect the lives of every single person in the UK and strain nearly all facets of our economy and supply chain, I’d like to share an update to our staff and customers regarding our ongoing efforts.

Under these unparalleled circumstances, it has never been more important for Dees Imports Limited to provide a safe and efficient supply chain to our customers and the UK public. DEES first priority is to do so in a way which values the safety of our staff and the communities in which we live and work.

Over our 30-year history, DEES has successfully overcome challenges because of a commitment to our values: honesty, integrity and fairness for all. In the face of an ever-changing world, our values have been steadfast and carried us through troubles over the past 3 decades, and they will carry us through this challenge as well. As DEES has done since 1989, we will adapt and innovate to ensure our business operations continue safely for our staff, customers, suppliers and partners. More…..

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We are sole agents for a number of premier Caribbean brands including;

Walkerswood seasoning and sauces

D&G drinks

Tru-Juice beverages

Aunt May’s Bajan sauces and seasonings

Ping Jamaican Cane syrup

Sweet & Dandy Mauby syrups

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We offer a nationwide delivery service supplying all of the major UK supermarkets plus the independent grocery and catering trade


Tucked away in the hills of St. Ann, Jamaica – Walkerswood Caribbean Foods has worked to bring a taste of the Caribbean to the world with an innovative line of traditional seasonings, cooking sauces, spices, preserves and canned vegetables.


DEES Caribbean Mission Statement `Supporting Caribbean farmers and businesses by bringing the best Caribbean food and drinks to the world market`




Based in Barbados, the West India Biscuit Company Limited (WIBISCO) is one of the oldest established commercial bakeries in the Caribbean. With a long history of producing quality baked biscuits and dedication to the consumers who enjoy their products


Trade Winds Citrus Limited (TWCL) continues to be Jamaica’s leader in the production of fruit juices with Tru-Juice as their flagship brand.   Tru-Juice offers a wide range of juices, including No Sugar Added & Homemade juices, in various packaging and sizes.

  These juices are made  in Jamaica from the finest fruits and vegetables and are blended to perfection to provide the best product for all consumers.  Tru-Juice brings to you the taste of traditional Jamaican juices without the hassle of preparing them yourself.  



Pings Jamaica Cane Syrups are high quality syrups made in Kingston, Jamaica to exacting standards and using only pure cane sugar. We use the highs quality flavours that have been pleasing customers for over thirty years. Enjoy this uniquely Jamaican product, a staple in Jamaican households.


Sweet & Dandy Mauby is one of Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd’s top selling products and is the best mauby flavour in the Caribbean. Mauby is a tree bark-based beverage grown, and widely consumed, in the Caribbean. It is made with sugar and the bark and/or fruit of certain species in the genus Colubrina, a small tree native to the northern Caribbean and south Florida.


(Download our catalogue NOW for the full range)


Indian workers brought curry to Jamaica in the 19th Century, and the turmeric yellow Jamaican curry powder is still rich with aromatic Indian coriander, and cumin, yet has little heat for an extra kick add fresh scotch bonnet chillies or cayenne. Radlein Mills Jamaican Portland curry powder is still produced on the island itself, in Kingston, Jamaica.



From the land of fierce pirates, ancient Arawaks and Carib tribes comes the popular range of Aunt May’s Exotic Island Food Products. Whenever you wish to add a captivating Caribbean taste to your bar-be-que, cocktail dip, soups, meat or fish, Aunt May’s Home-made products enhance the flavour of every dish

Aunt May’s pepper sauce is a very unique sauce with a strong mustard flavor and made from hot scotch Bonnet Peppers. Our pepper sauce is a great flavor to any dish such as salad dressings, meat fish, hot dogs and also sandwiches.


Founded by Adrian Grant in 1964, Native Food Packers has its headquarters at 5-9 East Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica, with a plant in the parish of St. Mary.

The Chippies brand has become a name synonymous with quality and good taste in Jamaica. This lively range of Jamaican snacks has something for everyone and most occasions, parties, lunch boxes, picnics and dips.


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